L(W)DR Series electric heating hot water boiler

1. The boiler shall be adopted advanbed world technology, featuring the following advanges: integrated design, unique structure, good shape, small floor area, rapid and simple installation, as well as excellent maintainability.

2. The boiler shall be applied with microcomputer control, being characterized the following: high automation, and needless to be persons on duty, and the application of tuch-sensitive display to panel operation equipment, shall realize man-machine interface and remote control function which shall be matched.

3. The boiler features automatic safety protection functions such as over heating, over pressure, pen-phase, water deficiency, over current, short circuit, increasing circulating and heating efficiency.

4. The application of ladder type loading and circulating switch to the boiler, shall avoid the surge of power, uniforming the life of electric heating elements.

5. The boiler shall employ extra thick double insullation structure, being characterized the following: lower heat loss, 100 per cent of heat conversion efficiency, as well as more than 98 per cent of boiler efficiency. The electric heating pipe shall be used stainless steel with advanced process, being improved long life.

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